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Blue & Cream to Get Beachy on the Bowery

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Since blasting the Bowery with a photo montage of Hamptons-going celebrities like Howard Stern, Lizzie Grubman and Russell Simmons, new boutique Blue & Cream has laid relatively low. Sure, we've heard rumblings of sales and store events, but the B&C crew hasn't done anything too outlandish...yet. Perhaps they've just been biding their time until the weather improves? A Racked source tells us that owner Jeffrey Goldstein has applied for a permit to have beach chairs out front of the store on the sidewalk this summer. Apparently, the plan is to hire models who'll be handing out espressos—something a Hamptons-familiar Racked staffer says they do out there at the beach. Models frolicking on the Bowery? Curbside lounging? It's sure to be a big hit with a certain Bowery crowd, but probably not the types that can drop $400 on an Alexander Wang t-shirt.
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