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Oval Fitness Throws Its Doors Open in Stuy-Town

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Stuy-Town and Peter Cooper Village dwellers have just been blessed with a fancy new 5,700-square-foot gym, Oval Fitness. Reports The Real Deal:

The fitness center is part of a makeover that had been promised by owner Tishman Speyer, which in 2006 bought the massive East Side property from MetLife for a record $5.4 billion. The gym at 520 East 20th Street, replaced a D'agostino supermarket, was built in just six weeks by Aragon Construction and S.M. Berger Architecture P.C.
Just six weeks? Sounds like construction at its best. We checked in with a longtime Stuy-Town resident to get an insider's take on the development, and let's just say, he's not too impressed. "This was long overdue, especially since they kicked d'agostino out of that location like 8 years ago. There's been talk of putting a gym in stuy town forever, but at this point i think it's too little too late. Membership is probably expensive and with rising rents, who can afford it?" An Oval Fitness rep informs us that membership, restricted to residents, is $950 per year with a $250 sign-up fee. That's the price you pay for convenience when you have the privilege of living in a place like Stuy Town.
· New gym finished at Stuyvesant Town, Cooper Village [TRD]