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Above The Fray: Judgment Day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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The line outside the Barneys Warehouse sale on its last day

Yesterday was the final day of Barneys two-week Warehouse Sale (heard of it??), so of course, we moseyed over there to check out the scene. It was an apocalyptic frenzy. By 2pm, the queue to get in was over 200 people long. Shoppers gasped at the line snaking down 17th Street, but waited at the end regardless. An attendant was barking commands at the crowd from the building entrance: "Stay in line, people! Things will move fast that way! We are letting in ten at a time!" This hardly quelled the crowd's bloodthirst for discounted labels.

The frenzy inside

'Turns out that things were far crazier inside than out. Reports from within confirm that the shoe section was obliterated and the denim boxes were a war zone with J Brand jeans strewn all over the floor. Most distressing, though, was the check out line to purchase your goods: shoppers waited over an hour to pay.

Through it all, though, Kate Moss's Topshop collection remained (relatively) unaffected. They're just going to have to unload that somewhere else.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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