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Shopping Jovovich-Hawk for Target

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Saying that the shopping experience at the Atlantic Terminal Target store is unpleasant is putting it mildly—the place is, quite possibly, the portal to hell. After waking up at the crack of dawn yesterday to travel over there only to find the Jovovich-Hawk collection not yet hanging from the racks, we decided to call this morning to make sure the clothing was there before we made the early morning trek again. After being disconnected four times, we sucked it up and headed there again in the vain hope that the shipment had made it out to the selling floor. Happily, the effort was worth it. And though we had to sneak into the fitting rooms (there weren't any sales associates to be seen), and had to endure the strange rants of one of the cashiers, we ended up walking out with four pieces.

The Bad: The line's bohoish dresses, which look so alluring as styled on's skinny models, are mostly ridiculous in person. Some are too sheer, others have overly puffy sleeves, still others were too costumy.

The Good: Surprisingly, the separates were excellent. The high-waisted denim, which hangs on the bony models in the preview shots, is really nice and slim-fitting (so much so that you might want to go up a size). The blue linen vest is an excellent piece, and the flattering black-and-white-striped chevron tunic is a great buy at $18.

All in all, this is the best Go collection we've seen in a year. Get over there before the racks are totally picked over.
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