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Great Wall of Diesel to Appear in Chelsea

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The currently-bare wall on 19th Street in Chelsea

Denim giant Diesel is offering up-and-coming artists a chance to design a gigantic mural that'll grace the wall of a building at 220 West 19th Street in Chelsea. Diesel Wall, the company's international art contest, is being mounted in four cities: Zurich, Barcelona, Manchester and New York. In each location, the winner of the contest will see their large-scale, site-specific work go up in an outdoor urban area, to be seen by millions. It's a win-win for Diesel—they get tons of free publicity and free art! Not that we want you to think that that's the main reason why they're doing this. Check out this heady excerpt from their manifesto:

Diesel Wall was born out of a need to salvage what precious public space is left and to fill it with something worth saying. We will take your powers of disuasion; your ability to disrupt; incite; excite; inspire and intrigue; to make comment; to make beautiful; to make real; to make people think again.
Right. If you're game, they're accepting entries here through May 12th.
· Diesel Wall 2008 [Diesel via PSFK]