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Live on Line: Tim Hamilton and Juliana Jabour For Uniqlo Debuts!

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The scene outside of Uniqlo at 9:30am this morning

Tim Hamilton and Juliana Jabour will have their Designer Invitation Project lines for Uniqlo debut today, this morning, almostrightnowomg at 10 AM. We've been giddy with anticipation about these lines for months—and the collections from Loden Dager and Alexander Wang, too—but it seems New Yorkers in general are a little slower on the embrace. Maybe it's that a few pieces are already for sale on ebay; or it could be that Uniqlo's PR missteps and botched frenzy campaign are leaving a mark; or it's possible people just aren't feeling the whole modern Bruno Munari vibe. But for whatever reason at present there is no line whatsoever at the store, according to our peeps in Soho. More to come, especially after the doors open.

The line to get in at 10am

UPDATE, 9:44 AM: "There are now 7 of us in line, waiting to grab the goods."

9:50 AM: "Line now 10-deep!"

9:59 AM: "20 of us, mostly dudes. Tim Hamilton did get great reviews."

10:04 AM: "We're in, and the strike is over. Very quietly, the men bee-lined for the Hamilton collection, took about 20 pieces each and, still in almost total silence, headed for the register. No women at all, no one cares about Jabour's collection."

UPDATE: Click through for photos and a report from inside the store.
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