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Shutter Time: Unloved Ski Shops Wasting Away

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The Scandinavian Ski & Sports Shop, now closed. Photo via 12th St David

In response to the item that went up last night about the shuttering of Gramercy's Princeton Ski Shop, a Racked source points us to an article from free daily paper amNY on the slow-and-steady death of small, independent ski stores in the city. According to the piece, Princeton's demise can be attributed to a series of mild winters and increased competition from large chain stores, but we think its also tied to the fact that the sport is no longer seen as "cool". Because snowboarding shops seem to be cleaning up. "Business has been 'insane. So good,' said Jaki Batton, manager of the [Burton] store at 106 Spring St. 'Can't disclose numbers, but we've definitely been successful.'" Damn those kids and their halfpipes.
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