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Storecasting: Kira Plastinina Tweens Up Broadway

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As if the first few blocks of Broadway in Soho weren't teen-girl-friendly enough, what with Forever 21, Express, H&M and Mango all in shopping-bag-lugging distance from each other, the stretch is about to get a little more girly. As you can see, Russian designer/underage retail mogul Kira Plastinina's first US store at 594 Broadway has just announced its presence to neighborhood locals and the hordes of foreigners that jam up the sidewalks there daily. The 3,100-square-foot flagship will, of course, feature a Dylan's Candy Bar section as well as racks full of trendy, inexpensive clothing. The store is set to open May 2nd, to be followed by locations at 509 Fifth Avenue and 22 West 34th Street; Plastinina plans to open 50 US stores in the next three years. Kind of aggressive for a teen, don't you think?

· Kira Plastinina [Official Site]