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Spot Check: Heatherette for M.A.C. Almost Gone

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It looks like the rumors are true: the Heatherette for M.A.C. cosmetics collection is going fast, and there's a good chance that the makeup will be completely sold out by by the end of the day. Racked swung by the M.A.C. store at 1 West 22nd Street in the Flatiron District, only to find a measly selection left in a single small display. Run, don't walk, as our lip glass, beauty powder and eye shadow purchase just about exhausted their stock. A crucial note: All the Heatherette lipsticks have already been snapped up, so forget about those. If the Fafi Collection was more your speed, you are in luck as Fafi dolls, makeup and be-logoed vinyls are still absolutely covering the place.
· The Heatherette Collection [M.A.C. Cosmetics]