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Neighborhood Watch: Starbucks, Duane Reade Jump on Jersey City

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Although Starbucks has decided against a location in Long Island City, the chain isn't quite done with its expansion in outlying areas. Jersey City got their shoe in and will soon be blessed with an outpost next to the Grove St. PATH stop (pictured at right). This is not the first Starbucks for Jersey City, as the Newport-Pavonia stop has a small one recently renovated at the end of the summer, but it will be the first convenient to the bulk of the city's commuters.

Sidling up next to the Starbucks is a shiny new Duane Reade on the first floor of the Grove Pointe Building, which last month announced a deal to lease 65 of the building's rental residences to St. Vincent's med students. Both stores are due to open later this month, and they're already conducting training meetings in the Starbucks.
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