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The Soy Milk Movement

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Only a few Dunkin' Donuts locations offer soy milk, and SuperVegan wants that to change. "Send a note to Dunkin' Donuts with your favorite locations and ask them to please carry soy milk—a source says soy milk is available for the franchise owner to order if s/he so wishes. Maybe before you know it, you will see one of these adorable 'Now Available: Soy Milk' signs to greet you! And here for some bragging rights—some years ago, a few other vegan friends and I made it our personal mission to walk into mom-and-pop (or pop-and-pop/mom-and-mom/whatever) coffeeshops that did not have soy milk and would very nonchalantly order something with soy. When the cashier responds that they do not have soy milk, we would make a face and ask 'where's the nearest Starbucks?'" [SuperVegan]