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Live at the Hermès Sample Sale: The Scene Inside

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Today, destiny brings us face to face with one of New York City's most serious bargain hunts—the once-a-year, lock-up-the-kids Hermès sample sale. Racked is reporting live from the scene all morning. Buckle up.

The Hermès sample sale has to be one of the most civilized, organized sample sales we've ever attended. There are very strict rules in place here, people. First of all, they're only letting 15 in at a time. The space's capacity is only 250 people, which is about as packed as a Monday matinée (that is to say, not crowded at all). Upon entering, you must check your coat, bag and other belongings. There are no less than three people helping you to do this. At every table, shelf and rack there is at least one sample sale staffer close at hand to assist you, and to tell you that yes, the marked price is correct and that canvas tote you're holding is still a thousand dollars.

Apparently, if you were at the end of the line when they opened the doors this morning, the wait to get in was two hours. Now, it's about an hour. And if you don't mind standing in the rain with lots of cranky old ladies complaining about the wait and lack of information, and you're the type of person that doesn't blink at dropping $200+ for a lightweight scarf, well, what are you waiting for? Get over there!
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