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In The Window: MJ Skunk Has Lonely Nights

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In an effort to welcome spring (or more specifically, the money you're spending on spring clothing) and herald the return of the tourists, the Marc for Marc Jacobs store is still offering free photos with their resident skunk-in-the-window. No stranger to the furry game, MJ's windows are now almost solidly covered with charmingly awkward images of ragtag puppies, gaggles of girls with flat-ironed hair, and others either pinching their noses or smelling the roses.

But when night falls on Bleecker St, Mr. Skunk sits alone and abandoned in his herbaceous aquarium. This is the perfect time to show the skunk some love...around 7:30pm to be more exact, which is just after the skunk's busy hour of posing with local dogs on their evening walks. Above, we've compiled our favorite skunk shots from the MJ window. Click through before you go, as there are definitely things to avoid when posing.
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