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Discontinued: Magic Shoes Disappearing

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The magic has faded for longtime Bleecker Street shoe and sneaker retailer Magic Shoes. The little store, located between Sullivan and Macdougal Streets in Greenwich Village, will soon be calling it quits after nearly 30 years of business. They've featured a random assortment of footwear over the years, with styles ranging from boots and moccasins to skater shoes and running sneakers. Currently, Converse, Puma, Vans, Airwalk and Adidas line the shelves amidst women's vintage heels and Doc Martens.

The reason for the shuttering is old expiring lease issue: Magic Shoes' owner Tina Wu would rather pack up than pay sky-high commercial rent increases while struggling to compete with internet businesses. Though she doesn't have to be out until the end of April, Wu is looking to sell off inventory and shutter within the next couple of weeks. Shoes are priced to move at 80% off. Grab a new pair for less than $20 before Magic Shoes vanishes like so many other indie Bleecker Street stores.
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