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Shopping The Personals: We Were Both Sitting In Starbucks...

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a recurring Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist.

A destination for office workers who need to refuel during a workday, a wifi-enabled workspace for creative types pecking away at their Macs—there's a reason why you never really see a Starbucks empty in this town. Of course, among all those caffeinated clients, there's bound to be some lonely singles:

1) Park Slope: "Hi. We were both sitting in the Starbucks for a while this afternoon, we made some eye contact but you seemed really busy, when you got up to leave I went to the counter to get some paper so i could pass my number along to you, but when I turned around you were had a really big black bag, a Mac and a pretty face. I had a Sony Vaio laptop and a long sleeve polo. If you somehow amazingly read this, you should email me." [Listing]

2) West Village: "A very attractive man with scruffy look with black hair in nice jeans and he had leather jacket in Starbucks on Greenwich Ave at corner of Bank Street sitting on couch near window around 6:30 on Thursday. We exchanged looks many times; you are very attractive and I'd like to meet you (I was sitting right behind you at the table)." [Listing]

3) Boerum Hill: "Tall tall tall and attractive brunette wearing a yellow t and jeans drinking Kombucha. I was in the corner (captain's chair) and I know u busted me checking you out more than once. Sorry. I should have at least smiled at you. If you find this maybe I can make a proper introduction?" [Listing]

4) Soho: "Cute guy sitting by the a suit. I'm short, curly hair...3:30ish on Friday. You didn't say hi! :(" [Listing]

5) UES: "Hi. We kept making eyes. In fact you kept turning around to sneak a peak at me at the long table. You were gorgeous with brown long hair. You were with your taller friend...which is why I didn't approach you. I was on my lap top and left after a while. I'd love to meet you...Send a pic so I know it is you." [Listing]