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Now Open: Bowery & Vine Lubricates the LES

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Because Avalon Chrystie residents should want for nothing, a wine and spirits shop has just opened for business right next to the LES Whole Foods at 269 Bowery. Bowery & Vine isn't exactly a newcomer to the area, though. Formerly known as Elizabeth & Vine, the longstanding store changed its name after migrating one block east to a much larger space. With 1750 square feet to fill (compared to their old 600), the shop's owners have expanded their selections considerably. Spirits are displayed off to the side in little shelving nooks and are separated by light and dark alcohols; they now carry a broader array, including organic vodkas and hard-to-find tequilas. There are also more sakes, but, most importantly, their number of wines from around the world has grown, too.

Nestled a little south of Houston Street in an old residential walkup building, the store is airy and comfortable—a major departure from their cramped quarters back on Elizabeth Street. The floors have been restored and look much as they did when the space was once a busy Bowery Cafeteria in the 1930s. They've added a marble tasting table in the back and a temperature-controlled wine room, but the same staff and neighborhood rapport remains...a slight comfort in these changing times on the (chichi) Bowery.
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