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Critical Voices of our Generation

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

"Noted fashion photographer" and America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker critiques computers in the latest issue of Laptop Magazine. On the MacBook Air: "I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have CD/DVD drive. I also think it’s overkill. Skinny is no longer so important; I don’t think everything needs to be that tiny. I think they have gone a bit too far with it and she needs to chunk up a bit. She needs to eat something and put on a DVD drive and some USB ports for her to go to the next round. Eat something honey." [Laptop Mag via Gawker]