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More Margiela

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The rumors about Maison Martin Margiela's West Village expansion have proved true, as the brand has acquired the storefront next door to its original shop on Greenwich. "The added space now houses the designer's women's lines while menswear has taken over the original shop, and the extra room in both stores allows Margiela to create environments that are ever more surreal. We don't mean 'surreal' in the popular, dreamlike usage ('Meeting Madonna was so surreal') but in the weird, academic, André Breton/Max Ernst sort of way ('Why are the walls lined with egg cartons?') This only creates a greater contrast with the sleek yet eminently wearable clothes the stores sell. As usual, we are left with the question of whether the ladder and paint cans in the corner are left from the renovation or actually part of the décor." [The Shophound; RackedWire]