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Now Open: Samples for (eco)mpassion

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This time last week, Caravan Noho was unloading its final wares before heading uptown. Already in its place today is Samples for (eco)mpassion, a retail outlet that sells contemporary labels at deeply discounted prices and donates a portion of those sales to charity.

The store will carry a changing variety of designer labels and retailer goods. At present, it's stocked with a stellar cashmere assortment (crewneck sweaters, dresses, cardigans, tanks) from QI Cashmere, priced between $35-100. Lining the racks are wild prints and exotic dresses from T Bags ($40-80), flowy detailed pieces from Linda Loudermilk ($30-75), Citizens of Humanity Denim ($25-35), and casual dresses and tops from Chelsea Flowers and C&C California ($45-65). There's also a ton of clothing from the retailer Big Drop; the stock is a mix between past and present collections by 3.1 by Philip Lim, Lauren Moffat, Nicholas K and YA-YA. Some past items are a teensy bit tattered, but most pieces are in solid condition.

Samples for (eco)passion, an off-shoot of, is dedicated not only to bargain-basement prices, but also to "conscious consumerism", meaning shopping bags, provided by Bio Bag, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Furthermore, 5% of total sales directly support Trees for the Future, a charity that helps developing countries by planting trees. Come for the discounts, purchase something for the feelings of do-gooderness.