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Above the Fray: Donna's Collectibles Going for Peanuts

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After yesterday's high-drama sample sales at both Paul Smith and Olive & Bette's, we weren't sure what to expect at Donna Karan's personal warehouse sale in the West Village this morning. Thankfully, the sale was not only calm by comparison, but the prices were amazing. The designer's clothing, vintage pieces, photographs, antiques, jewelry and furniture are selling for $20-2000. Given the fact that this is the Karan's personal collection, one might think that most pieces would cost on the higher end of that range. But, to the contrary, the warehouse (formerly her late husband's art studio) was full of items priced between $5-100.

Donna's collection of art and ethnic pieces from her travels around the world were in abundance. There is a lot of home decor and furniture available, including jugs, vases, candles, pillows, and shelving. The jewelry went fast, but there are some funky shoes and old Indonesian bags available. There are also racks and racks of coats, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and vintage gowns. However, most of the clothing—worn by the designer herself—is sized 8-10, so the sale is a major score if you are in this range.

The verdict: swing by if you have time. They are not replenishing, but lots of knick-knacks and cashmere goods remain to be claimed. Hell, Donna even threw in some skiis! And don't forget, the sales money will go towards Urban Zen Foundation, which is her community action charity.
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