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More Photos of Uniqlo Designer Lines Hit the Net

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Though Racked has been compelely obsessed with Uniqlo and its Designers Invitation Project for as long as we've been around, the feeling doesn't really seem to be mutual. The retailer's PR team has made it difficult, if not impossible, to get information about and photos of any of the collaborations Uniqlo's done with designers. Thankfully, a Racked informant has stepped up to fill the void. He writes:

After seeing some pics of Tim Hamilton and Juliana Jabour collection from Uniqlo (partially and cropped off) on your blog and others, it makes me wonder what's going on with Uniqlo's PR firm even more. I used to work for Uniqlo and know how much they worship fashion editors and press (hint tragic sample sale). The collections are going to sale around the end of this month and they still didn't release the news to media or internet officially or even on the always confusing and useless US website. Enough bitching lol. Here is what I found on Uniqlo Japan promotional website. It has the launch date, collection pics, designer interviews and profiles. Too bad they are all in Japanese. This is what the US site should wake up and follow.

We've galleried all the looks from Juliana Jabour and Tim Hamilton for you above; when images of Dager and Wang's collections go live, they'll be posted as well. According to the Uniqlo Japan site, Jabour and Hamilton's efforts will actually be in stores on March 21st, and Wang and Dager's will follow on May 16th (Loden Dager's name is misspelled on the site, though, which is alarming). As always, if anyone from Uniqlo would like to confirm or deny these dates, or provide any other material about the Designers Invitation Project, the Racked tipline is always open.
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