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RackedWire: New Tenant in Caravan Noho Space, Otto Tootsi Plohound Mystery

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NOHO—Caravan Noho's not yet cold in the grave and already another retailer's snapped up their storefront. Samples for (eco)mpassion, which bills itself as a "carbon-neutral sample sale", has set up shop at 2 Great Jones Street. The store will be open every week Thursday through Sunday from noon to 8pm; this time 'round, they'll be featuring discounted clothing from Citizens of Humanity, Lauren Moffatt, 3.1 by Philip Lim, Loomstate, Mint and more. [RackedWire]

NOLITA/FLATIRON—A reader writes in with a query about the merchandise at shoe shop Otto Tootsi Plohound: "Just wondering if you have any info on what the heck is going on w/ Otto Tootsi Plohound. It was just a few years ago that they had a great selection of boots and shoes and now they resemble a tourist shop with an 'eclectic' selection of shoes, shirts, hats and pretty much anything they think they can sell. Have they undergone an ownership change?" Very strange. Anyone have intel on this that they'd be willing to share? [RackedWire Inbox]