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Mo' Banks: Fork Stalls in Village, BoA Announces Itself in the Slope, Capital One Marks Territory

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1) Greenwich Village: Look, it's our friend North Fork Bank, who has been "coming soon" at the corner of Bleecker and Thompson Streets for over a year now. The garish signage has been tormenting local residents, and their pain will continue: the bank says it will officially throw open the doors there this summer. No biggie, even if all goes as planned, that's only four more months away! [Racked Staff]

2) Park Slope: The identity of the mysterious bank opening at Seventh Avenue and Sixth Street has been revealed. As reported by The Gowanus Lounge, the tenant will be none other than a Bank of America. You really can't mistake that bright-red plywood for anything else. [The Gowanus Lounge]

3) New York City: Don't get upset if you see some new bank signage around town. Capital One, which purchased local chain North Fork a few years back, has finally started changing the exterior of North Fork branches to reflect the new ownership. Blog Urbanite on the switcheroo: "We remark on this change not so much because we have any particular sense of nostalgia for North Fork, but because it is simply another home-grown banking fixture that has disappeared." [Urbanite]