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Now Open: Gucci's Ostentatious Flagship Bows

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Subtlety isn't the name of the game at the new Gucci flagship store, open today on Fifth Avenue and 56th Street, and neither is minimalism. The place packed—packed!—full of the luxury house's merchandise. Windows currently display the brand's limited-edition white, blue and red Gucci Loves NY totes; inside, we spotted about ten shoppers breaking out their wallets for the tacky purses. The first level of the store is dedicated to accessories, mainly handbags; the section towards the front door caters unabashedly to tourists (the place is, after all, directly across the street from a massive Abercrombie), with a large selection of logo-ed items. The second floor contains menswear, the third, womenswear and an array of heels. The retailer really belongs in the Trump building: All the fixtures are gold, and the carpeting boasts the brand's interlocking G's (side note: this store looks quite a bit like the old store). It's as if the place was designed by Midas' brand-whoring niece. Which is perfect, really.
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