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Above The Fray: Hundreds Wait To Enter Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

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The line at 1pm this afternoon

As shopping events go, the two-day-long Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show really draws a crowd. A Racked correspondent is on the scene, waiting in the long line to get into Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion for the first day of the sale. Her report: "It's 1pm on the dot and there are about 150 enthusiastic vintage shoppers waiting. The mood is upbeat and excited. It's not a shitshow...yet."
And now, at 1:05pm: "They're letting people in. The line's moving fast." Brace.
1:15pm: "First hundred people are in. I'm in and it's really cool. Pretty overwhelming, though."
1:20pm: "Sighting numero uno: Debbie Harry moving through the crowds. She's flying way under the radar—nobody seems to notice her."
· Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show [Official Site]