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Ready Yourself for Tribeca Whole Foods

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It's been a while since we checked in on the rising Tribeca Whole Foods, under construction on Greenwich Street between Murray and Warren Streets. How the hell, we ask you, is this outpost going to top the most recently opened Whole Foods on Bowery, what with its sushi conveyor belt, pie station, second-floor skywalk and pommes frites bar?! Well, a Whole Foods spokesperson assured us that this one will be just as good, if not better. Like the Bowery location, it will feature a Fromegerie and second floor eating area. No confirmation on an auxillary beer room or Il Laboratorio gelato station...yet.

The interior of Tribeca Whole Foods: still a construction site at present

We stopped by this afternoon to survey the progress. Unlike the stalled Gowanus store, Tribeca Whole Foods is humming along. The main entrance will be on Greenwich Street, and, at 69,000 square feet, the store will extend through to West Street. It's nestled in with Barnes and Noble and Bed Bath Beyond in what is becoming Manhattan's latest big box retail hub.

Whole Foods will only confirm that the store will open "in summertime", but we hear that a July Fourth grand opening is scheduled. We're looking forward to fireworks—and plenty of delicious little samples.
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