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Risqué Business: Equinox Captures Full Moon in Ad Campaign

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Have a look at this newish Equinox ad, which is probably coming to a street corner near you soon. We're not sure if we like it: On one hand, it's nice to see a nekkid guy instead of a nude lady for once. On the other, the image totally over-the-top. A Racked source writes:

Not sure if you guys have you seen the latest Equinox ad with the nuns and the naked guy—if you haven't, it's quite the tasty eye-candy. Til now it's only been available in Boston, and it's causing quite the scandal there (for obvious reasons). As a liberal New Yorker, I personally think the whole thing amusing. From today till Friday only, you can pop down to the Equinox locations at 50th & Bway, 19th & Bway and Greenwich Ave, where they'll be displaying the controversial print in large format.
We'll, it might not please everyone, but we can think of a certain segment of the population that'll just love it.
· Equinox Fitness [Official Site]