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Seemingly Innocuous DKNY Marketing Effort Manages to Offend Many

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[Photo via BikeBlog]

DKNY's latest marketing scheme has really pissed off some New Yorkers. The fashion brand decided to spray paint a bunch of bikes neon orange, then chain them up around town to promote alternative forms of transportation during Fashion Week. Activists are unhappy with the effort, noting that it seems to be a knock-off of ghost bikes, the white-painted memorials to cyclists that have been killed while riding. In response to an earlier post on the subject, a Racked commenter wrote: "The bikes where put into place late Friday evening and by Saturday afternoon they had all been defaced and removed spontaneously and, most likely by any one of the tens of thousands of bike riders in New York who found it offensive. The marketing campaign was not successful and the community has spoken." Ah, better luck next time Donna?
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