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RackedWire: Limbaugh Tops Toys "R" Us, Sneakiness at Oak

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TIMES SQ—Construction on a sign in Times Square has exposed a hidden, er, gem. A tipster: "I was in Times Square today and happened to notice they are working on the sign on top of Toys R Us, which allowed what looks to be the original sign in that location to be visible again—a sign for Rush Limbaugh’s TV show, which ended in 1996. Kinda cool." Those were the days? [RackedWire Inbox]

NOHO—An eagle-eyed Racked reader points out some funny pricing at Oak's new Bond Street boutique: "Oddly, an item from Fall—the AZ men's double-breasted cape/poncho that was $300 at the Oak sample sale in the same space—had reverted back to its full retail price of $600 during the store party." [Racked Comments]

Oak Clothing

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