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Kidrobot Store Opening In Progress: Ugly Dolls, T-Shirts, But No Dunnies, Munnies!

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The Kidrobot pop-up store opens this morning at 11 AM at 70 Greene Street and, like we said we'd be, we're in position to catch the first few spectacular, uber-toy filled moments of it for you. As it happens:

10:25 AM: Pretty quiet so far. I'm looking in, see ugly dolls. There are a lot of toys. Gorillaz, ugly dolls. More ugly dolls. The staff is sweeping, getting ready. Four guys outside milling about, ostensibly on line.

10:32 AM: I see hoodies in the back, sneakers in the front now visible. Ugly dolls, Gorillaz figurines; I see something called a 'getbot.' A lot of bins full of t-shirts. Cool things along the walls - partitions covered in aluminum foil. They're doing some Pirate Store logo thing up front.

10:45 AM: Scandal alert: there are no Dunnies (those bunny toys that are smoking, 'bvi).

10:46 AM: More from the group of guys on line: there's a friend of the guys who can't make it, as he was caught skipping school yesterday. After this, they're headed to Urban Outfitters for shoplifting fun. Anticipation very high among the very few that are here. No women on line yet.

10:55 AM: It's almost time. Line now 13 people long. I'm still the only girl. Bystanders are wondering what's going on. Tourists. Everybody still excited, cold. Band of boys experiencing increased sense of worry that parents will find out they've skipped school today.

10:59 AM: Line has gotten kind of long, 20 people.

11:00 AM: BREAKING: A huge group of people, maybe 10, just showed up and walked right into the store. The rest of us are still waiting outside! Not cool. Wait, they're now shopping! OMG, somebody just took three Gorillaz toys. Outrageous. People out here are angry, but if they work at this store we guess this is okay. OMG, the Gorillaz toys are going!

11:03 AM: Now we think these savages might just be friends of people who work at the store. There's a girl that just doesn't look the type. Gorillaz are getting pillaged! I don't know if they're going to be any left. OMG, we're still waiting! This is not okay! Now this girl has seven boxes of Gorillaz. She can barely carry them. No munnies, no dunnies.

11:06 AM: They're letting us in.

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