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Above the Fray: Tepid Review for Temperley Sale

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A trusted Racked tipster provides some feedback on this week's Temperley sample sale at the label's Soho showroom—and, as we are wont to do, we're passing along the details:

I stopped into the Temperley sale yesterday evening, and there were plenty of the label's beautiful cropped leather jackets, bejeweled dresses, blouses, and tops. They were neatly organized on the racks by sizes 2 through 8. I started to get excited until the pricing was clarified. I was confused because there was a retail price tag, a discounted price written in red, and then signs that declared the prices were even lower than the markdown in red. In a nutshell, the original retail prices on everything there averaged a whopping $1000. The discounts were 70%, and while this seems big, that still put the clothes at $300-400. Not the sample sale prices I'd anticipated. They also had these lovely cashmere sweater dresses in eggplant, black, peach, and cream....but their sale price was $450. If you can afford these kinds of prices, then I suppose it's worth stopping by today. But I certainly left empty-handed.
Sigh. Better luck next time.
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