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New at Starbucks: Kicking Out the Homeless

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So what have Starbucks baristas learned after their three-hour-long training session last night? How to properly steam milk? How to brew the perfect cup of coffee? Perhaps. But it appears as if they also got a lesson in how to remove the homeless from their stores without a big to-do. It's obvious to anyone that's spent some time in a local Starbucks that the less-than-fortunate often set up shop in the coffee chain for lengths of time. It would seem as if the Starbucks empire is now taking conscious steps to combat this. While sitting in the outpost on Broadway between Broome and Grand Street in Soho, we've observed two homeless men being politely ushered out in the last hour—something that we've actually never seen happen before at this or any other location. The staffer faced with the task of doing so explained that he had to "maintain a certain atmosphere" in the store.

So things have changed at Starbucks. Though the breakfast sandwiches are still here for now, in case you were wondering.
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