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Mo' Banks: Wachovia Movin' On Up to East Harlem, Commerce Colonizes in Brooklyn

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1) East Harlem: Via a press release, we learn that Wachovia Bank has its eye trained on development The Bridges at 2283 Third Avenue and 124th Street. The bank will occupy a luxurious 3,500 square feet. According to maleficent superstar broker Faith Hope Consolo, responsible for the deal, 'Banks are fueling the retail renaissance currently underway in East Harlem.' Who knew? [Racked Inbox]

2) Williamsburg: America's "most convenient bank", Commerce, is landing on Bedford Avenue and North 4th Street in the 'burg. "Yay! Coinstar!" crows the Racked reader who forwarded the tip. According to their website, that branch will open in July. Commerce has three other Brooklyn locations (Fort Hamilton, Bay Ridge, Ralph Avenue) slated to open within the year. [Racked Inbox]