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Like/Likely: What to Place at Blue's Base?

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Well look at that—we've cooked up another new Racked feature! Like/Likely highlights attractive (and not so attractive) vacant storefronts, discussing what business would, in a perfect world, lease the space—and what, in reality, will probably end up there.

Photo via alq666/Curbed Flickr Pool

It's gotta be hard to find the perfect tenant for the commercial space at Blue, the majestic and angular rental that's forever marred altered the skyline of the Lower East Side. We got our hot little hands on the space's specs, and they're impressive: ground floor 2700 sq feet, frontage 21 feet, and, the clincher, 450 sq feet of outdoor plaza space available. So...

What we'd like to see open: A mini-Trader Joe's, since this is a neighborhood starved for good grocery options. Perhaps with an organic fro-yo station, because it gets real hot and sticky on Delancey in the summertime. Or (we're really dreaming here), perhaps a new, upscale version of now-defunct Clinton Street hangout Lotus Lounge with really strong wifi and free coffee refills.

What we're likely to see open: A bar, most likely. Or a concept restaurant.

Have hopes, dreams and predictions for Blue? Hit up the comments.