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Morning Java: Goodbye Sweet, Sweet Starbucks

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This is just, well, unprecedented: a Starbucks location—21 East 8th Street in Greenwich Village—has closed! A Racked tipster alerted us to the news early this morning: "Letter posted in the papered-over window of the ratty little Starbucks location on East 8th Street, (University-5th Ave.) Letter begins; 'This thing we have together, it's bigger than this place. And these sorts of things happen...'" Wow, those Starbucks staffers are so poignant. We can confirm that no one's picking up the phone there today and that it's no longer listed on Starbucks' website. Like some sort of modern-day hydra, we kind of expect to see a bigger location pop up immediately across the street, but maybe it is gone for good.
· Starbucks [Official Site]