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RackedWire: Really Cool Foods Not Really Gone, Margiela Movement in the WVill, Deeper Discounts at Flight 001

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Really Cool Foods looking really empty

UPPER EAST SIDE—A Really Cool Foods PR rep emails us to clarify a few things about the shuttering of the company's Third Ave store: "Caught wind of the tip you picked up about Really Cool Foods closing its store on the Upper East Side. For your readers, I just wanted to let you know that Really Cool Foods can be found in an increasing number of stores. In NYC alone, they’re sold at every Whole Foods Market. The decision to shut down the UES location was so that the brand could focus on making its products available in more grocery stores not only in New York but around the country." [RackedWire]

WEST VILLAGE—Some very interesting news about reclusive avant-garde Belgian designer Martin Margiela's West Village shop, from an in-the-know source: "Apparently the economy isn't hurting high-end retailers like Martin Margiela, because the mysterious brand is expanding...but they didn't go very far. They are taking over the space next door (I think it is 801 Greenwich) that was formerly occupied by interior store Stephen Sclaroff, but has been empty for the past year since Sclaroff moved to Tribeca. The store is already under renovation, though I am not sure if they are breaking thru and keeping the original store, of just moving." [RackedWire Inbox]

WVILL/BOCOCA/THE SLOPE—A Racked reader sends an update on chic luggage boutique Flight 001's sale: "Sales Associate at the Flight 001 on Greenwich Ave told me tomorrow they're taking the sale an extra 50% the sale price. It's at 30% extra now. Supposed to include the two stores in Brooklyn too." [RackedWire Inbox]