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ALERT: Dylan's Plywood Getting Peeled

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Plywood coming off Dylan's this morning

The wait for Dylan's Candy Bar's chewy, nougaty new third level appears to be over. A high-level Racked operative sends this image from Third Avenue and 60th Street along with an urgent message that reads, "Plywood coming down at Dylan's NOW." According to a reader who commented on an earlier Dylan's post, this means that phase 1 of the sweet shop's expansion ("Upper level bank space gets converted and stairs goes through all three floors") has been completed. Up next, phase 2 ("Main Floor closes for renovation, doors change, stairs move and the whole thing opens in June."). According to the shop's website, the revamped space will now feature something called candy couture, a full dessert cafe and ice cream bar and a padded room where kids can come down from their highs safely (note: wishful thinking on our part on that last one).
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