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Shopping The Personals: We Locked Eyes at the Apple Store...

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist. Today, a fleeting exchange at the Apple Store in Soho.

Ah, the Apple Store. Where tourists and NYCers alike go to check their email, update their MySpace pages, and, of course, buy little shiny gadgets. That noted, it's also a great place to meet someone special:

1) Prince Street: "We locked eyes as you were leaving the line at Apple in SoHo on Prince. You held the door open for my roommate and I and I was staring at you. We headed in the same direction and then you crossed the street. You turned the corner and looked back and my wave to you caught you just as you had turned back around to head down W Bway. I contemplated crossing the street but we followed you instead. You were walking fast. I wonder what you were listening to? We never caught up with you...I just wanted to offer you a delicious grape candy. And I loved your moccasins. Who are you? I was jolted..." [Listing]