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RackedWire: Alife Expanding, Ping Ponging on the Bowery

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Some good news for sneakerheads, from a rock-solid neighborhood informant: "Alife is opening their 3rd store on rivington in the next couple of months. All of them will be on the same block between Clinton and suffolk." Okay, breathe. Does anyone know where on Rivington? [RackedWire Inbox]
UPDATE: Alife is denying the rumor. Their official word: "It's not true."

BOWERY—This is a sentence we never thought we'd write: Rumor has it that naked ping pong tourneys are coming to the Bowery. Repeat, naked ping pong tourneys are coming to the Bowery. And though the nakedness is more figurative than literal, the hot ping pong competition is real. A Racked tipster emails that the trio behind the the Tribeca ping pong club is "opening up a permanent space on Bowery supposedly on April 1st." If there was any shadow of a doubt that the Bowery had officially sped past "gritty" before this, well, there's none now. [RackedWire Inbox]