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RackedWire: Introducing ABC Home & Planet, More Bad News for Soho

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[ABC Home & Planet; click to expand]

UNION SQUARE—ABC Carpet & Home is really feeling the whole eco-friendly movement that's been so popular of late. The furniture and housewares store has decided to turn their third floor space into a destination for sustainable and low-impact products; the result is ABC Home & Planet. The new shopping area (pictured above) is stocked with organic mattresses and bedding, tables made from reclaimed wood, air purifiers, and biodynamic bath and body products. [RackedWire]

SOHO—Rumor has it that clothing chain Who.A.U., described ominously by many as the Korean Abercrombie & Fitch, has found a New York space to sink it's faux-Cali washed-cotton claws into in Soho. The exact location is unknown at present, but we think they're going to want to nestle up real close to the Hollister store set to open sometime in the near future on Broadway. [RackedWire Inbox]