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Live at Barneys Warehouse Sale: What's My Line?

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It's Valentine's Day, sure, but today's also the opening day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, kicking off this morning at the Barneys Co-op in Chelsea. Racked is on the scene all morning to cover the madness. Strap in.

7:30am: From our correspondent on the scene: "Just got here. The line looks to be about 100 people long. It's a decent size, but nothing like the line at this point during the last Barneys Warehouse Sale in August '07."

7:42am: "People in line look cold. You can see your breath—supposedly, it's about 30 degrees out. The mood is chill, not super-hyped. Everyone's either got Starbucks, or is making trips around the corner to get Starbucks."

7:48am: "The line has grown by about 70 people since I got here. The crowd is mostly female, but it might be as much as a quarter male, which is impressive—probably because they do have a decent selection of men's stuff. There's an older gentleman behind me who's in his 60's—pretty cool."

7:55am: "The line has now officially doubled in size since 7:30am. I feel bad for the people at the front who've probably been here at least three hours—we're on the non-sunny side of the street, under scaffolding. All this just to make a grab for the good sizes and the stuff that isn't weird. Five minutes until doors!"

8:03am: "They're not letting us in yet. People are restless. Oh wait—we're moving!"

8:05am: "They stopped the line. We're right outside. Waiting again. Ugh."

Adventures inside continue here and here...

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