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Live at Barneys Warehouse Sale: We're In!

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It's Valentine's Day, sure, but today's also the opening day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, kicking off this morning at the Barney's Co-op in Chelsea. Racked is on the scene all morning to cover the madness. Strap in.

8:07am: Continuing reports from our correspondent on the scene: "Following half an hour in line in the freezing cold, we're in the vestibule, and they're telling us that we have to check everything, coats and bags. There are probably about 50 people already in there, digging in."

8:08am: "Wait, this is bullshit—they just pushed us out of the vestibule back onto the sidewalk. There's a Barneys guy shouting: 'No matter how cold it is, you're going to stand out here.' Now he's trying to clear sidewalk space. People are not happy."

8:11am: "Finally in. Quick merch report: tons of denim, racks are packed really full. It's quiet, actually, super-quiet, no punching or kicking yet. It's pretty low key, at least compared to last August. Everyone's getting a plastic bag to put their stuff in, which they didn't do last time, so there isn't clothing covering the floor. Again, yet. Here's the best news: they're only letting people in 25 at a time, which actually makes for a non-insane shopping experience. I figure it'll get insane in about 20 minutes. To the racks!"

8:20am: "It's starting to get really insane. People are just all over the place now. They have a lot of good stuff—I saw some really cute Rodnik offerings, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang (which they have a lot of—exciting!), a lot of coats, and the dress section is totally excellent. Ah, here's some Wayne. And a lot of Co-Op junk of course. Oh, and get this—they have some of the Kate Moss for Topshop stuff that no one is touching. Hilarious."

8:31am: "It's all happening. The crazies have arrived in full force. People are still coming in from the line, and it's at the point where people are stripping down and trying on whatever catches their eye. It's a frenzy right now, for good reason—they have some really nice stuff."

8:45am: We're about to roll out full photogalleries of the women's racks while we wait for our men's correspondent to tackle that universe of hell. Stay tuned.

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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