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Live at Barneys Warehouse Sale: Men's Basement!

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It's Valentine's Day, sure, but today's also the opening day at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, kicking off this morning at the Barneys Co-op in Chelsea. Racked is on the scene all morning to cover the madness. Strap in.

At a leisurely, quasi-metrosexual pace, our men's correspondent strolled into the opening morning of the Barneys Warehouse Sale just before 10am, missing the line. His report: "Pretty much business as usual in the basement, for anyone who's ever done the men's warehouse basement before. Aisles empty in places, mildly crowded in others. Most excitement around the suits, with lots of guys who wear starched blue shirts to work trying on jackets. Brands spotted on quick inspection: John Bartlett, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman ($1399 down to $599), Burberry, and Michael Kors ($995 down to $495). Good outerwear selection; the usual shitshow in the menswear bins (including sweaters in colors that I did not know existed); decent footwear selection. I ended up snagging a simple, clean pair of house-brand black shoes for $69, marked down from $325. All in all, not bad."
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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