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Billboards: On Houston, Kenneth Cole Gets Preachy While Kate Bosworth Looks Dazed

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Oh happy, happy day: In tandem with his forthcoming blog on social justice issues, Kenneth Cole has unleashed a new mega-billboard on Houston Street, and this one is definitely more intense than his last. The ad features a long-legged gal—with little clothing but a lot of tats—leaning over to adjust her T-strap shoe. On a somewhat unrelated note, the message of the ad reads: "In the U.S. somebody is shot every 6 seconds. Is this what arms are for?" No, they're clearly for strapping on a pair of Kenneth Cole sandals! You know, the ad kinda makes us want to run home for cover and not to the department store.

A few blocks down, Kate Bosworth, in all her snub-nosed adorableness, looks out from the ginormous Calvin Klein ad space at Houston and Lafayette Streets. Kate's doe-eyed stare makes this ad downright virginal by comparison, but just when you think all is safe...there's a belly shirt. How PG-13-ish.
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