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Georgette Klinger Closings Continue to Enrage

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We have yet to see another fallout similar to the one following Georgette Klinger Spas' abrupt national closure. The company's eleven spas, including one in New York at 501 Madison Avenue, shut their doors in mid-December and communication from headquarters has been scarce, to say the least. Since our December post about the company's shuttering and poor business ethics surrounding it, the comment thread continues to rack up complaints from disgruntled customers and employees. Yesterday, a commenter (and former employee) blamed the company's recent owner for the demise and dastardly conduct:

I was an employee for the company and it was horrible the way it went down. Not only did we not get our last pay checks which we all counted on for the holidays we also have not yet received our w-2 forms and it turns out the company canceled our insurance on Nov 30th without notice yet they continued to deduct our paychecks. I also found out that they are not paying any past claims as far back as july the company was purchased by angela krivulka in july. The name Georgette Klinger has been smeared thru-out this lets put a name to this ANGELA KRIVULKA so the next time somebody post use that instead of georgette klinger she is innocent georgette klinger did not take your money ANGELA KRIVULKA DID.

Another former employee left her contact information in our comments for her former clients to reach her. According to our previous report, even though the company is going under, client lists would not be given out to employees for them to maintain their former customers. So for Daniela and her New York customers, this is for you:

Dear Georgette Klinger massage clientelle of Daniela. you can reach me to schedule appointments at (718) 899-2328 or I hope to hear from all of you, even if I was not availed to your telephone numbers. I believe that now you will be able to contact me so I can keep giving you wonderful massages you always loved!
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