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Mo' Banks: North Fork Cleans Up BBQ Space, Another Bank for Park Slope

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It's time again for a little thing called Mo' Banks, in which we profile new checking and saving spots around town. If you've spotted a bank opening or (heaven forbid, closing), do let us know. And now, on to the banks!

1) Noho/Central Village: The general public is usually displeased when a store or restaurant is shuttered to make way for another generic bank branch. That was not the case with dingy, now-closed University Place eatery BBQ, which readers were happy to learn would be replaced by a bank. At that time, the identity of the bank taking over the space was unknown; now we see it's going to be a North Fork (pictured above). Will they be able to scrub the place free of the scent of greasy ribs? TBD! [Racked Staff]

2) Park Slope: Hot bank news from the Brooklyn Eagle: "A bank is moving into a portion of the 4,500-square-foot vacant space on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Sixth Street, said building owner Larry Wittlin, declining to reveal the bank name due to 'contractual agreements.'" Mysterious. [Brooklyn Eagle]