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Discontinued: Centricity Vintage Bids EVill Farewell

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R.I.P. Centricity

Please join us in the mourning of now-departed East Village vintage destination Centricity. The store, which opened in 2001 on 4th Street between Bowery and Second Avenue, really stood out in a neighborhood teeming with second hand and vintage retailers. Though tight on space, the shop was a treasure trove of cool sweaters, coats, tops, shoes, and accessories from the 1920s to the 1980s. As most vintage stores hiked up prices to keep up with rising neighborhood rents and incomes, Centricity's clothes were consistently affordable. There's no official word on whether quirky owner Christine will open elsewhere or if she'll pop up on the vintage show circuit. But like a moth to a thrifted cashmere sweater flame, we'll follow her.
· Centricity [Citysearch]