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New York Doesn't Heart Limited-Edition Gucci Merch

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We're not the only one's taking umbrage with the new red, white and blue Gucci [Hearts] NY merchandise, trotted out for the unveiling of the luxury brand's massive new Fifth Avenue flagship store. The government is also unhappy with the limited-edition accessories because they boast a copyrighted logo. NY Post:

...when the store finally opened its doors Friday, the company began selling a line of limited-edition products - all stamped with "Gucci [hearts] NY," an obvious takeoff on the classic "I [heart] NY" logo, which became New York's trademarked slogan 31 years ago...The only problem is that the company did not get permission to use the New York state logo—even in an altered way—with its iconic red heart and black letters. And New York zealously guards its copyright—the state has filed more than 3,000 legal challenges over infringements...Thomas Ranese, chief marketing officer for the Empire State Development agency, which controls the copyright to the slogan, told The Post that Gucci had not contacted the agency and did not have permission to use the logo.
Oops! Maybe those purses will become collectors items after all.
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