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Gross-Out Alert: City Gyms Covered in Human Filth

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It's not exactly breaking news that New York City gyms are a sweaty, germy mess, but the extent of certain health clubs' grossitude surprises us. The New York Daily News swabbed surfaces at Crunch, Dolphin Fitness, Equinox, New York Sports Club and the YMCA and found, well, some really disgusting stuff:

A News spot check of health clubs—including several of the city's most expensive gyms—uncovered potentially harmful bacteria lingering all over exercise mats, bicycles, drinking fountains and other surfaces...Fecal bacteria, such as ewingella americana and brevundimonas diminuta, were lurking in samples taken from a mat and water fountain at a Crunch Fitness in midtown. A type of intestinal bacteria, serratia odorifera, were found on a mat at the Dodge YMCA gym in Brooklyn.
Yikes. Those Billy Blanks home-workout videos are looking better and better.
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