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Lineblogging: Outside DVF, Sample Sale Veterans Wait Like It's Their Job

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We heard such promising reports from yesterday's preview of the Diane von Furstenberg sale that we had to head over to the Flatiron District to see it for ourselves. Will we spot DVF milling around, like a reader did last night? Will there be anything left after the preview hordes got done with the merch, all discounted up to 75%? Stick around for updates.

8:45am: The line is not bad at all—approximately 50 people. There's a good chance that when the doors open, I'll be able to go right in. I think maybe a lot of people went yesterday, to the preview. It's a young female crowd, which is good for DVF because they've been trying to appeal to a younger audience. Since I got here six people have showed up, so I think right before 9 more people will show up. The line is very organized—these are clearly people who have waited in a line before.

8:50am: The line's growing faster now. It's down to the corner of 28th Street.

8:51am: Looks like they have a ton of merch.

8:56am: Other women in front of me also surprised at how short the line is. "Last time I was waiting around the corner!" one of them said.

9:00am: Still a very manageable line. Is this...a bust? They're letting people in in small batches.

9:06am: People in this line are very calm and polite. Not feeling a frenzy of any sort.

9:07am: There's a man handing out fliers for the La Perla sale on 15th. 90% off!

She's in! A report on the much-more-frenzied happenings inside the sale, this way.